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In love with minimalist photography

Today i was in office for a submission. I arrived at office at 8.30am. I thought i was early, but there are four of my colleagues that come much earlier than me. Submission deadline was on 12pm, and there were few more documents that has not complete yet.

I and @rasyidazmi rushed and squeeze all of our brain power to complete those documents. Thankfully, we are able to finished it all half and hour before deadline. Once the admin has uploaded all of the document into eprocurement system, our task are officially done for today.

Two of my colleagues and I decided to go downstairs and buy food from the stall. Along the way, Iook around for any subject / object that i can capture for my minimalist photography.

Wooden Frame

The first object that I found is an old wodden frame that is discarded at the roadside. The frame is broken into two pieces and was put together with other wood plank.

The dark wood plank and the bright wooden frame gave a contrast between those two objects.


Fire Emergency Sign

This is the emergency phone located at the staircase in my office building. Nothing special, but i took the picture anyway.


Minimalist mural

These are one of the mural located at the loading bay area. There are multiple design and sizes of mural. I took this picture since the subject for today is minimalist photography.


Bird feather on pavement

Was on my way back from the stall when i saw this feather on the pavement. It landed nicely in edge of the box.


Fruit crate

This crate was used to put fruits stocks. I can see there are oranges, apples, rambutan, manggo and durian.

Speaking of durian, the smell of durian was really strong in my office. Apparently, yesterday the bosses was having a durian party 😑



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