Every pictures has a story

The government has announced that Lockdown will be extended until 28th June 2021.Means, I will be working from home for another 2 weeks.

Last week the workload was almost non-existence. Spend most of my time watching movies or TV series. While watching one of the TV series. The character quoted "Everything has a story". I really like the quote. Where every picture represents a story behind them.

For today, I'm posting below pictures that i took during a quick stop to a local groceries shop, and tell the story behind the pictures that i took.

View from balcony

Today weather was very bright. I was at the balcony, looking outside when i saw the shadow created when the sun shine at the barrier.


Sun Blocking curtain

This curtain does a really good job at blocking most of the sunlight from getting inside the room.


Badminton Court

The badminton court currently closed for the duration of MCO 3.0. I can see mold starting to build up on the badminton court floor.

After MCO is lifted, the maintenance crew need to power wash the mold off the floor before opening it to the resident.


Windows in front of apartment lift

Was on my way down when I saw the windows shape shadow


In the lift

Shadow is scattered by the lighting inside the lift


**Apartment Lobby **

During day, the light is automatically turned off. With the brightness that comes from outside, makes the lobby look like a portal to another world.


Crossing warning sign

At the crossing lane, there is a crossing warning sign for vehicle. But someone has stick a "apartment for sale' sign at the crossing warning sign.


Chair at car park box

The shop owner has put the chair to prevent anyone from parking there. Not sure where he got the chair. Maybe from the closed restaurant next to the shop



My Shadow

Finished buying stuff such as eggs, bread and orange juice. On the way of heading back home


Motorbike parked at open park

There are covered parking for bike. However, the space is limited. Alternative, is the open bike park. The best thing about the open park, it is nearby to the lobby.


Motorbike at Guard House

The security guard always park his bike next to the guard house. Maybe it is easier for him when comes times for patrolling the area.



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