A visitor in Amsterdam

In 2019 we were lucky enough to get to do some world travelling before the virus hit and disrupted society! Check out our travels 😁

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Throughout our travels I can say without a doubt that Amsterdam, Netherlands is my favorite place around the world that I have experienced so far. The vibe of the city is tangible as you wander around the canal streets, trying new coffee shops and dessert spots!

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We both spent most of our time in the city in almost a dream like haze consisting of stuffing our faces and alternately trying to walk off all the food we had consumed while taking some pictures of the gorgeous canals all around us. Let me say one thing, I most definitely do not envy the residents who own a car in this city! Though for the most part it seems as though people ride their bikes most places.

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We slept most nights in hostels while staying in the city and every morning when we woke up was a new adventure! From the Rijksmuseum to taking a boat ride in the canal for an evening cruise, the dream seemed almost endless. If you ever get the chance to visit I would plan on staying for more then a week! Hopefully that way you will be able to experience more that the city has to offer. Still I can see it being a challenge to see it all in a such a diverse and beautiful location.

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All in all neither of us can wait for the next time we can visit this beautiful country and see what else it has to offer!

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