2nd Photographers Get Together Hosted by Lensy || Sunday 6pm CST - 7pm EST

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We continue working on improving the Lensy experience, adding a lot of new stuff to the website, and working on promoting it better.

NFT photography is a brand new market. We know there are other NFT sites that allow photography, but they are mainly about digital art. Lensy is the first ever site exclusively for photography, and since we are an emerging market, it's important for us to hear feedback, get suggestions and ideas from our users, our critics, and especially our photographers. That is why we want to have another Get Together with all of you!

2nd Photographers Get Together

The meeting will be hosted by our team
at Lensy Discord
Sunday Oct, 11th at 6pm CST - 7pm EST.

What Would be on the Agenda?

  • Improvement to user experience.

  • Ideas for better marketing.

  • New features

  • Onboarding and referral program.

  • Contests and Ideas to attract new users.

We mainly want to hear feedback from you all, any ideas or suggestions you want to make are always welcome!

Please come share your ideas with us, user feedback is important to us!

We will do a round up of

New Features Already implemented

New Main Categories for Stock and Fine Art Photography

This are the 2 main categories to select for photos when tokenizing, this will help buyers filter the gallery and improve the browsing experience.


Stock Photography
When selecting this option, the rights of the token will be by default set to full commercial. They are perfect for marketing and advertising, promotional work, personal or commercial creative projects, publishing, websites and blogs, and more.

Fine Art Photography
In this category you will be able to choose for private or full commercial rights, we are expecting more high-quality photos in this.


New Sub-Categories

Adding to our main categories of Fine Art Photography and Stock Photography we now have sub-categories for you to choose when tokenizing a photo.

Abstract, Architecture, Black & White, Candid, Conceptual, Documentary, Food, landscape, Macro, Manipulated, Mobile, Nature, Portrait, Street.

We have added the most popular ones to let you choose from. Let us know if you think there is a category missing that is important to add.

Changes to All Photos Minted Previous to the Categories Update

The category selection is done while minting and as you know after already tokenining there is no way to edit so right now the tokens already minted are not categorized. We can update the main and sub categories for you on already minted photos as this is a front-end specific change, you can go to our Discord Server on the Help Channel, drop a link and let us know your category and we will manage the change.


This feature will allow you to add additional files that only your buyers can access. This could be a higher resolution file or a Raw version of the photo you tokenize or even stock packages.

There are two types of unlockables File or Text, you can choose one or the other. This can be done in your collection page. A token with an unlockable will have a visible indication in the form of an icon next to the number of editions.

supported JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4 or PDF.any text or even links

Filters and Searches

In the Gallery page a user or buyer can filter by Price, Rights, Category, sub category, Size, oldest or newest and recently updated.


Recently Updated
This search option will display recently updated photos, giving fair chance to old photos that got a price update and to secondary market listings.

Image Size
Right now the image size determination is done in the background so when you tokenize the system picks up automatically the size of your file to categorize it for this search filter.

Private and Group Chat


BeeChat is real-time chat service for Hive built by Hive-Engine to works across multiple hive front ends. All you need to use it is have a Hive Account and login to our website and go to your profile page or on the top menu search for the icon of Chat.

This should allow for easy communication between potential buyers and photographers maybe even allowing taking request and collaborations.

Social Media


We are actively promoting our photographers and trying to attract new users and buyers. So, we have our social media accounts, we appreciated any Like, Retweet or Share you can do to our posts on.



As you know Twitter is full with crypto enthusiasts, so is important for us to get the work of photographers noted by the investors and collectors of NFT.



Instagram is probably the most used social media for photographers since is well for sharing photos, so obviously we are trying to heavily promote there, we would love to feature any post by our users on our stories so feel free to tag us there.

Please come share your ideas with us, user feedback is important to us!


Visit the site and browse Photography: https://lensy.io/

For any questions or support please visit us in our Discord

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