Wonders of Venezuela: Aponwao Falls


Wonders of Venezuela: Aponwao Falls


Venezuela is a country with a great wealth of natural resources. The unique and very singular landscapes have a great position in this country that is located on the middle line of the planet, derived in colors and reliefs that astonish the human sight, Venezuela offers you incredible places to visit and spend an incredible vacation.


In the photographs you can appreciate in different ways the incredible view that you have when you arrive to one of the biggest wonders of Venezuela, the Aponwao Waterfall or as the native Indians know it "Chinak-merĂº". This waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Venezuela, creating even fascination beyond the borders of this country. It serves as a hydrological source for the entire nation and is also the source of many minerals found in the Gran Sabana. In order to see this, one must travel a long way through the state of Bolivar, and reach an altitude of 2,444 meters above sea level, a height that undoubtedly for those who live in lower lands could affect their hearing, sight or any other sense sensitive to the amount of oxygen and temperature.


The viewpoint allows tourists to observe the excellent natural wonder without running danger, also offers guides and indigenous souvenir stores, with very friendly natives who explain perfectly how has been the development of this waterfall. Upon arrival, you have the option to stay at the viewpoint, observe and take a picture until you return to civilization, or take the downhill tour to see the waterfall in the foreground. This tour lasts about 30 minutes, with handrails made of pure wood by the natives themselves and limestone stairs, so you should be careful when descending to avoid slipping.


Upon arrival you have an excellent view, and the sound of the waterfall is ironically relaxing, giving you a sense of serenity and direct connection. Many tourists approach the foot of the waterfall, where you can see a kind of curtain given by the bouncing of water drops at high speed. An incredible perception, which combined with the blue sky and the great vegetation around, insert an unforgettable memory in the deepest part of your being. Finally, there is also a photograph of the view of the plains of the Gran Sabana, as a gateway to the international highway, and continuous start of the journey through the incredible and wonderful naturally, Bolivar state.

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