A Wander Around a Summer Woodland

I've been meaning to get out and shoot some local woods for weeks now. However, many of my previous successful woodland shoots coincided with mist and fog which do a lot of the heavy lifting in simplifying a scene and creating a pleasing image. As such, I'd allowed myself to get hung up on having those conditions again.

A couple of days ago, a fellow photographer made a similar comment, and it was a real push to ignore the forecast and get out anyway.

The alarm went off at 5am, and seeing a blanket of grey cloud, I nearly just went back to sleep. However, I dragged myself out, reminding myself that landscape photography is all about shooting the conditions we have. Just because I feel the conditions are unlikely to produce something exceptional or unusual, doesn't mean the practice wouldn't be useful!

So, I spent 3 hours mooching around the woods only seeing the occasional dog walker, and, as it happens, having a great time finding shapes and stories among the trees.

All these images were taken on a Canon 80D, either EF-S 17-15mm or Tokina 11-16mm, and most used a Formatt Hitech 77mm Firecrest Polariser to strengthen the colours and remove bright sheen from the leaves.

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-168.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-165.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-169.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-172.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-173.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-175.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-178.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-179.jpg

- © Kieran Metcalfe BdrSig-182.jpg

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