The gray skies of the storm + The Daily Photos


The gray skies of the storm + The Daily Photos

In the corner of the room there sits the weathered old face of a man...

Yes, just the face of a man sitting in the corner, no body, with a raise of his eyebrow he beckons you over. You are compelled to learn what this face beckoned you for.

Face : "Iey young lass, there is a stoma brewing, them clouds be rolling in."

Accepting for the moment, that it's just a face of a old weathered man sitting in the corner, and accepting the bizarre physics and biology, that will allow face to exist, separate from body, let alone talk to you without lungs to pushed air to the trachea and windpipes, to generate voice... You sit and listen to the face.

Face : "dark clouds on the horizon, be mindful young gup, for they be storms whales in them clouds, big storms fish, storms beasts that are... large. Aye, I used to be a full man, used to have peg legz and a peg arm. but that's storm gat em all, now I be just a face on chair.

So be mindful of the storm whale, the behemoth that lives in the clouds above... for it might come down n take your body too... then you would just be a face like this old man."

Outside a large tone rises up, a deep sounding note that shakes the very marrow in your bones. Glasses rattle across the tables and fall to the floor... "MmmmmmMWAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". deepness of the tone is almost deafening.

The face looks at you...

Face : "too late, it has come ... "

Anyways this is just a fun story to get the day going, let's get to some photos.

The Daily Photos

The gray clouds above for the storm that is calling our coastline its home for the last few days.


yes out there in the water is a person standing. Superstrong tides, no swimming, giant waves... But hey, let's go for a dip.


little closer on them now, I do think there on a standing paddleboard... But again...


A close-up photo of some plants that have been glossed over by the rain


a small break in the storm as you can see the battered palmm leaves.


It may look sunny but it was raining still.


A lot of things washed up on the beach as well such as this almost fully functional lobster trap/


I tried to capture the sand being all Jubilee too... raindrops making it look like the surface of the moon.


And this is a beach umbrella that is now slowly becoming a sand dune.


just some fun photos for today my friends. I hope you have a great day and you do many things that would make your mom proud!





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