The seasons are changing


Finally the heat is leaving


It is starting to cool off now and we are going to be moving into fall weather in the next couple weeks. I am super excited about that because I really hate the heat, which sucks living in a desert.


This year's drought has done a number on my front lawn and it has been taken over by weeds. I wasn't able to water as much as I had hoped and there is so much of my front lawn that is dead now. So I am hoping to be able to get some grass seeds thrown down and get some fall fertilizer thrown down.


We were supposed to be finishing up packing our home this week and getting it ready for pictures and to be listed for sale, but my wife's work gave her some pretty awesome perks to stay, so we have decided to stay here in Utah for at least a few more years.


I was a little bummed at first that we won't be moving, but it is a HUGE stress off of our shoulders. This probably just wasn't the best time for us to move. I have a project coming up in the next couple weeks that I will be filming for and it was getting stressful trying to coordinate things here and in Oregon.


It sucks that I threw out my cannabis plants a week ago in anticipation for the move, but I have already started germinating a couple seeds to get things going again. The good thing is that I was able to get the whole grow room cleaned and scrubbed so everything is ready for the next grow.


It is going to be nice to be growing in cooler weather. Especially with some of the strains I am going to be growing because they prefer the colder weather to bring out their colors. I should have a nice winter harvest coming up soon. It's going to be awesome.

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