Medieval walled city of Zons

Hey! I am a great connoisseur of history and historical subjects. But first of all, I have always been a fan of historical buildings and the places in which they are located. This year I happened to visit a historical place located in the west of Germany. In the Middle Ages, this place was a fortified fortress, but now it has preserved many medieval buildings. Meet the fortress city of Zons.


Tsons fascinated me from the first minutes of my stay. It is separated from the nearby town of Dormagen by walls. Interestingly, the walls are surrounded by a moat. Previously, this moat served as additional protection for the walls, and now serves as a pasture for sheep.


Many things in Zons have retained their original appearance. Nowadays, this place is a cultural heritage of Germany and attracts many tourists. Weddings are especially colorful here.


I was impressed by the old mill. Previously, excursions were held inside, but now it plays an exclusively decorative role. It is clearly visible from almost any part of the fortress city of Zons. Now local entrepreneurs are engaged in food in this place, and earlier the mill was of strategic importance.

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On the other side of the mill is a medieval church. It is perfectly preserved and, like the mill, can be seen from any part of the site. He has not lost his relevance in our time. Just like many years ago, there are many believing parishioners within its walls.

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Inside Zons, there are many beautiful medieval houses. But the whole city is riddled with narrow streets that were not designed for modern cars. They look great.


Not far from the entrance there is an iron copy of the old Tsons. An interesting idea in my opinion, every tourist can see that the city has retained its original appearance and architecture.

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But the opposite entrance is closed to tourists. I managed to get there for a photo. Tourists howl there, and that's why this place is becoming more desirable.

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This is just a part of my adventure in Tsons. This place will impress even the most demanding tourist. If you happen to visit the western part of Germany and will be in the Dusseldorf area, then I recommend visiting this beautiful place.

All photos were taken by me on the camera of the Xiaomi smartphone. Thanks to those who read and support.

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