Silver Temple ..500 yrs Chiang Mai “Thailand”

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Yesterday I had a chance to visit a new Thai Temple for me but it’s not really new….it’s over 500 yrs old located in Chiang Mai which is located in Northern Thailand. As you know, Thailand has many Temples and places of worship, each is unique. Wat Sri Suphan certainly is unique for it’s beautiful interior and grounds.

  • You can see from the grounds and the photos of inside the Temple that it is majestic in it’s appearance. Over the years the ownership of the Temple has changed but the paintings and figures have been maintained.

I am sure that many people can say how one temple in Thailand is better or more photographic than the other. To me, it’s how I felt while there and the opportunity to give thanks and praise for the opportunity to visit.

I call it the “silver temple” as you can see from the outside appearance it is silver in color.


Inside is like no other Temple I have ever seen. It’s a combination of patterns and colors that give such a wow feeling. If I am not mistaken, woman are not allowed in Wat Sri Suphan temple.

The grounds have various statues and figurines that surround the temple. For being 500 yrs old, everything looks in incredible shape.

When we were there, only a handful of tourists were there which made walking around and the chance to get photos mush easier.


Look at the ceiling photo below. Look at the detail of the carvings and patterns. The beauty inside is much greater than I imagined,

I like the detail of this figurine in the courtyard. I can only imagine how much time it took to make this and other statues.

I hope you get a chance to visit Wat Sri Suphan when you are in the Chiang Mai area. It’s one of those places that provides a place to stop and give prayer, but also a very interesting place to photograph history.

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