Icelandic expedition under a glacier near Jökulsárlón

When i was in Iceland with my sweetie @chaosgeek, we were very well organized, thanks to her, but we still paid for one tour while on the island. We booked one of the last hike and ice cave tour of the season at It was a bit expensive but it was worth every penny. We had lots of fun that day, the guide was super friendly and we had to get there in some kind of offroad jeep with supersized wheels.
After climbing down the glacier, we arrived at a spot where the river was passing underneath and this was the entrance to the ice cave. Luckily for us, it was not very crowded and we had plenty of time to take pictures and explore.
This is @chaosgeek posing for the photographer inside the ice cave. She had to stay super still for the picture because of the low light conditions. I wanted to have a shot with a long enough exposure time to see some nice trails from the river that was passing right beside us. This was shot with a Nikon D800 and a Nikon 20mm, 1s exposure time at f5.6 and 1600 ISO.
The further we were going inside the cave, the lower was the ceiling. At the end we had to crawl on the ground and got at some sort of fork in the river. We crawled to the other side, my sweetie going first. I went just after her and was lucky to find some cell phone on the ground. After some investigation, we found out that it was hers. :D
This was the view that we had on the other side. Very little light was passing through. The only light we had was what was infiltrating the thick ice from the glacier above. In comparison, to get the right exposure, I had to shoot for 15 seconds to get enough light on the sensor.
Coming out of the cave we could appreciate all the splendid different shades of blue and some nice and interesting patterns in it. Sadly, those glaciers are melting at an incredible rate and that type of tour shall be history in a not so distant future.
Here's my darling @chaosgeek proudly posing again for the photographer. It's always nice to have your own personal model. ;) We are definately going to go back to Iceland one day since there are so many things we did not have time to see even though we stayed a whole week on this tiny island.
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