Sea of Clouds - Mount Ramaceto

Last day of past year, I climb mount Ramaceto (Liguria, Italy) in early afternoon, to watch the sea of clouds show from the summit, a phenomena quite rare on the Mediterranea sea. That day half Mediterranean sea was covered by a low layer of clouds with about 800 meters high of elevation.


Here Alps, 200 km faraway from me:


I took these pictures walking in my favorite beech forest, passing through the branches in the summital ridge.






In some special place, where I wanted some people to take a picture of mine or to take a picture with a human inside the landscape, I luckly met some gentle people, and I felt in harmony with the creation, what I though or asked, it happened.
On the summit I hugged the Holi Mary statue.


I never feel alone in mountain, every people there are friends, all people on the summit are joined by a strong passion and love: going on mountains is not only a sport, but a spiritual activity, a travel inside us.

I waited for the sunset, and I started to came back during twilight.







Here a man who prayed in front of Holi Mary:


And here the wonderful twilight from the summit!



It was a bit hard to find again the path, but I felt a strong presence next to me, pointing to the right way. On the clouds border, the only noise was the water drops falling from wet trees. The silence amplified the inner movement of the soul, and it was a mystical experience to walk in this unusual space, with fog dancing covering and uncovering last violet light of the twilight, with Venus above me.

When night came, I followed this spectral sign to follow the right path, it seemed a ghost!


I stopped to take some long exposure shoots (about 1000 iso, 20 or 30 seconds exposure, F3.2). You can see a wonderful sky full of stars (with some airplanes passing), and the orange light of the town under the clouds layer.



I was at the car at 8pm, ready to say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022!

Pics taken with Sony Alpha 7iii with lens 24-70 F2.8 and Nikon D800 with lens 70-200 F4.

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