Sea of clouds at sunset - Mount Penna

Yesterday (02.01.2022) I have been on Mount Penna (Liguria, Italy), 1735 meters high.

Watching the weather forecast in the morning, I guess that sea of clouds could have appeared on the higher mountain of my region, so I started (with a bad weather, some rain also) with the strong belief to find some good landscape to take pictures.
After a short walking, I came on the summit, and I waited for the sunset. It was windy but not so cold (6 degrees), and at sunset all lower clouds changed colors into red.

Another dimension, like in Heaven.
I met there some friends of mine, and I felt another kind of humanity: on summit all people are friends, and I remembered the words of a movie/book, 'The Green Planet':
"And who manages the planet?"
"Nobody ... and everyone ... there is an meeting once a year with village delegates, on top of a mountain."
"Why on top of a mountain?"
“Because when you walk uphill for two hours, you are smarter."


Here rolling clouds, making shapes as the back of a huge and invisible dragon:


And here some clouds like a finger pointing to the sky:


The movement of clouds was so amazing... Nature has given to me a wonderful and rare show!



Here a friend of mine making a video:



The sun like an heart of light:


Here another friends recording the panorama from another point of view:


and some other friends starting the way back, at twilight:


Here Mount Aiona and, in the background, Mount Monviso (on Alps, 180 km faraway) like an erupting volcano:


Here twilight colors... So incredible shades!


Finally, the twilight in all its beauty! With clouds movement, purple colors and Venus in the sky, telling us it was time to go back...


Pics taken with Sony Alpha 7iii and Nikon D800.

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