Santa Giulia collage

Again my favorite place! Santa Giulia church, in Liguria region, Italy.
The name of the gulf is Tigullio.

As I have explained in previous post, I had a special obsession to take pictures here in every weather condition.

Yesterday I did this collage.
It has been an hard work to choose four pics: sometimes I have the picture but with a different point of view, or with a different focal. However, I have found a good sequence I hope!

29 november 2015.
Sun explosion under heavy clouds:

29 december 2014.
During the most red and beautiful sunset I have ever seen here:

29 december 2013.
At twilight with long exposure time to make a special movement effect in clouds:

I don't publish the fourth one (date: 29 november 2015) because you can find it in previous post:
Red sunset over Tigullio gulf

Pictures taken with Nikon D800 and a tripod.
Some note: I had to disable stabilization on tele, and also I shooted in self-timer mode. More, I added also a delay of two or three seconds (not only the self-timer, but another delay); this delay was very important to avoid vibration of mirror: on a 36Mp sensor every small vibration creates a moved image, so the sensor must read the light two or three second after mirror goes up (it is not the case in mirrorless, for mirrorless camera the self-timer mode is enough because of there aren't mechanical movement inside camera).

I'm selling these pictures and others on my website:

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