Light, clouds and loneliness

Concordia Camp.

We arrived with the sun, but during night monsoon arrived, taking with it four rainy days.
The rain was not so heavy, but regular, it lasts all the night, and most of daily time.
It was cold and wet, and we were tired, but not so tired to exit from tent and take pictures. Sometimes, a piece of blue appeared, but the fogs suddenly hidden it: the clouds created special effects of light and shadows between these mountains, the best mountains I have ever seen.

Concordia camp is at the end of Baltoro glacier, at 4500 meters high. Here you have the first view of the King, K2, but not this day. This day only smaller walls of stones, huge, because the distance here are huge, we have no habit to evaluate them.
It seemed to me to be on another planet, with another range of distance, and every phenomena had a poignant and exaggerated manifestation.

Here light and clouds embracing mountains:

Here some porters at rest, walking to find a place to call home with the phone (yes, in this place faraway and wild, someone has built an antenna 4G, sometimes it works, other times not):

Here the light seemed to caress the mountain, like a gift from God:

Pictures taken with Nikon D800, 70-200 F4 lens.
August 2022.

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