Life in Longwa Wasa - India

I took these pictures in Longwa Wasa village, Nagaland region, India, in february 2020. Longwa Wasa is a small indian village over the mountains, near the Myanmar border. People are farmers, and someone builds special handcraft works: they painted and add eyes and hairs to animal bones to make them similar to human faces, maybe an heritage to past tradition: some of membership of ancient tribes were head hunters. Obviously real human skull are impossible to find, I think they have buried them underground. Every cutted head, the Princess of Nagaland made a tatoo on the skin of the head hunters, and there are old men entirely covered by tatoos.
Here a family in a local house, the girl at the door felt a mix of fear and curiosity, westerners people here are a rarity. House has a big room with a the fire in the middle. An old man in another room didn't feel very well, and he was warming in front of the fire.
My guide has taken to them some pics shooted the year before, and a child was writing his name on the print.
Pictures taken with Sony Alpha7iii, 24-70 F2.8 lens.





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