K2 - Sky and Earth embracing

This is K2 (8611 meters high), the second highest mountain in the world.

This mountain has something spiritual, it is not only a piece of 'matter', or just a big 'stone'.
I felt this feeling staying under his huge walls.
It is like a king, and sometimes it decides our destiny. Many people has died trying to climb it, it the most difficult 8000 meters.

When I saw it the first time, it moved me. Weather was good, and also the following day.
I took this pic at sunrise (5 am). Clouds over 8000 meters created sometimes some speciale effects, because of winds are very strong up there.
Watch also the thin 'hat' just over the summit.

K2 is not only a mountain, but the incarnation of our desire, sky and earth embracing. Matter and spirit touching.

Pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7iii and Nikon D800.
August 2022.

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