Gasherbrum IV - The Shining Wall

This is Gasherbrum IV, the 17th highest mountain on Earth.
It is called the "Shining Wall", because is well visible from upper side of Baltoro glacier and the view is extraordinary from Concordia camp.
It is 7,925 meters high, it not an 8000 meters only for few meters, so less famous, but the most beautiful of the Gasherbrum (there are six Gasherbrum, the other ones are hidden).
In balti language, Gasherbrum means "beautiful" (rgasha) "mountain" (brum).
It has been climbed first time in 1958, by Walter Bonatti and Carlo Mauri on an Italian expedition by Riccardo Cassin.

Here I was in front of not only a beautiful mountain, but a piece of the alpinism history, and I think Gasherbrum IV, together with Masherbrum, are the more elegant and beautiful mountain in the Karakorum region.

At sunset, it shines in a breathless way.
Here golden hour was approaching:

I was lucky for the good weather, so I could see the main wall in different hours of the day.

The sun goes down quickly at this latitude, so sunset has lasted not so much, but what amazing feeling to see last red sunrays on the summit!

Here red light on other mountains around, like an echo:

And here Gasherbrum IV at twilight:

Pictures taken with Nikon D800.
August 2022.
Trekking organized by Viaggia con Carlo agency.

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