Ali camp at night

Ali camp, 5000 meters high, Karakorum range.

Despite K2 not visible from this camp, it has been the best one I have seen. It is inside mountains range, we were really in the heart of Karakorum range.
In front of us beautiful walls plenty of dangling seracs, ridge with wonderful light at sunset and amazing ice spiers on the summit. Behind it, the giant Chogolisa (Chogolisa - A seed of light).

After rain in Concordia, it was sunny in the morning, so we reached Ali Camp, but weather changed again. and it rained in the afternoon.
The day after we walked in the heavenly and unreal nearby of Ali camp, crossing the glacier under Chogolisa, and we came back to Ali camp.

We planned to cross Gondogoro La starting at 22pm, and before the long nighty walk, I had time to take some shoots to this very unusual landscape.
Porters and people are working to pack the stuff or rest, so there was a lot of lights and movement in the camp.

I used a tripod to take pic. No wind.
About nighty pic, I usually use these settings: 24mm, F2.8 (more light on the sensor better is, for example the mountain wall in first pic was almost black), time exposition between 20 sec and 30 sec (to avoid stars movement; time depends on focal length with the approximately rules of 600/(focal length) sec). About taking focus, it was set to manual, and it is a good choice to watch when star is on focus with the display, or to read the distance reported by camera: when it exceeded the hundreds meters and you read infinity, you immediately stop to rotate manual focus.

I hope to give you some unusual landscape and to recreate the atmosphere of this place unique in the world.

Here milk way, and Chogolisa faraway in the middle.

Pics taken with a Sony Alpha 7iii.
August 2022.

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