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Summer and fantasy landscape with blue flowers


A lonely figure among a large field of summer flowers.
There are so many blue flowers around.
Amazing beauty of nature.


And a country road that goes far to the forest itself.
Or to the sky and the clouds themselves.
Summer landscape.


Children ran around this big half-day with flowers.
They played and collected different flowers.
Beautiful bouquet of flowers.


There are so many flowers on one side of the road and on the other.
Therefore, children can run wherever they go.
Flowers everywhere, many flowers.


Mom and children went for a walk in the field with flowers.
Such expanse and beauty all around.
The beauty that we see.


There are so many flowers, as if they are blue thickets in front of us.
You can walk for a long time and inhale the aroma.
The whole field is in flowers.


And now the first fragrant bouquet has been collected.
Flowers to put in a beautiful vase at home.
And remember the beauty of nature.


Here is such a summer landscape and a large field of blue flowers.
Children here really enjoyed playing and running.
Among the flowers.


Beautiful summer landscape and amazing nature for us.
We were here and enjoyed this beauty.
I wanted to come here again.


Photo from the genre - Landscape. Summer and fantasy landscape with blue flowers. It was very interesting for the children to run and play in nature and this large field with blue flowers. What beauty reigns wherever you look. Such a picture - we were all like in a fairy tale. Summer is also the most beautiful time of the season. Photos are made in the Apple iPhone software (HUJI - IOS). New popular for photography is the film camera effect. This HUJI software allows you to capture memorable moments like in the good old days on a film camera. It allows you to take vivid and expressive pictures, stylized as photographs of yesteryear. I like this program, flowers are especially beautiful in it. For example, like mine - the fantastic and unreal beauty of nature and summer landscape with children and blue flowers on the field turned out. Such a photo reportage.

-original photo;
-first publication;
-camera IPhone 6.

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Photo taken - Sony 16.2 - 3x Zoom, Vario-Tessar lens.


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