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About "the" Music community

Fellow Hivers and Music fans - I created this music community already on the previous blockchain Steem to unite all lovers of music to have a group to share and engage around music of all genres. Given a lot content on the chain is just pushed out and lacks engagement I would love to change that a bit for the music community.

Your suggestions welcomed

What do you guys think could help to create more engagement here? I think we have already a good variety of sounds, of content types - what do you miss? What do you want to change or improve? All opinions are welcomed! I am also thinking of hiring folks here as moderator so feel free to drop in your application using hashtag #musicmod - thanks all for contributing and tell me your wished to make this community even more lively!

Asking other music communities for cooperation

One additional thought - why shall we not cooperate with other communities - for now we are split in various music groups - but music is such a great thing so we might simply work together to drive the beauty of this Art for the ears - feel also free to tag and list other music communities so we might discuss joint initiatives moving forward. I am tagging for now @edje and @slobberchops @atomcollector @theturtleproject @equaliser and @jaynie (for having a Creative Community that is driving a music initiative within the group as well). Happy to hear all your thoughts!

Song is one of my all-time favourite Trance sounds

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Music community

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