Eric Clapton suffers adverse reaction to covid jab & may never play concerts again

I am sorry for this musical legend who will never be able to enjoy his guitar playing hands as he once did, thanks to his ignorance around what is happening in the world right now.

He is experiencing consistent aggravation since taking his 2nd shot of the AZ jab and now struggles to play his guitar without pain. He does acknowledge an existing medical condition in his hands but claims the jab has severely damaged his immune system and sped up the degenerative process of the disease. This follows what I am hearing from doctors brave enough to speak out, like French virologist & Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, who sees the jab as the problem, not the solution.

Clapton talks about being alienated from his own family who he feels to have been programmed. That one struck me deeply. An aunt of mine was here last weekend who used the word selfish to describe my decisions in life and I realised it is no longer possible to justify them in a way that she (or any of my old family) can understand. The idea of a secret elite out to depopulate the world sounds laughable to them.

When it comes to playing guitar he said simply "it isn't fun any more" and has no interest in performing to a segregated audience of jabbed and unjabbed. He believes in freedom & love above all and will not advocate this kind of divide.

On the upside, now that he has done his research he regrets taking the jab and has been able to acquire an exemption card from his doctor which means that when they become mandatory in the future, he can tell them where to stick it ;) He also announced that he has finally stopped watching the news! Frankly I am surprised he didn't figure that one out a long time ago, but it goes to show that it doesn't matter how much money or fame you have, you need to be a "conspiracy theorist" these days to understand the truth.

Please watch his interview (posted at the top) for more details.

And perhaps if you feel it, you may enjoy listening to one of his lovely songs before departing?

Love & Light everyone 🌱

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