Remembering when I tried to play side drums in december 🎢🎢

Gaita: a musical genre tipical of Venezuela and tradicional during the Christmas Holidays.

When people talk about Venezuela, much is said: economics, politics, healthcare, etc etc. But few talk about the very things that makes us great. Other than natural wonders and the warmth of it's people, or the diversity of it's gastronomy, Gaita is for me at the Top 5 reasons why Venezuela is great, just great.


🎢 Hello Hello 🎢

Greatings to all the wonderful people in this community.

Gaita is a symbol of celebration, of joy, of family union. There is not a home in Venezuela that during the Christmas Holidays does not celebrate with a good Zulian Gaita. Me and my family are far far away from Zulia, but around august we always start to tune the clasical songs of this wounderful genre, and we now: Christmas is coming. And we are a family of musicians so we enjoy it on a different level because we can distinguish the different beats and tunes of every song we know. And last december I had the opportunitie to have a go with playing the side drums, and it was an experience to say the least πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Gaita Side Drums

The side drum that I had, I borrowed from my orchestra and it's not the right kind to play Gaita, but I had to try, I just had to. And I didn't had the propper sticks to play neither, so I had to chop up a broomstick in to 30cm pieces to have something to play with. My sister gave it a go too, and when it was my turn with the drums she used a Cheesse Grater to play Charrascas, another latin instrument tipicaly used for playing Gaita.

Enough said! I'll leave you with the video evidence of the experiment, you be the judge!

✨✨ Thank's for reading me. Blessings to all ✨✨


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