Sad Sunday with Chopin , Waltz in B minor, op. 69, no. 2


Sunday is the day when most people spend the day with family, friends, or just have an extra day for themselves, to relax. To do any of those activities that were impossible to achieve during the days where work was dominant. Back in time, when I published my first #SadSunday post, all those who commented said that actually, Sunday is a happy day! It is, indeed, however, I remember that I stated that some kind of melancholy comes to me when Sunday afternoon knocks on the door of my weekend.
Monday seemed to be intimidating with its arrival, so it always somehow hinted at sadness. I seem to have changed that view, or simply Monday no longer means the same to me as before. I am quite indifferent to the days now, it seems that I have learned that every day is a day to enjoy if we know how to use our time, regardless of the circumstances.

I still like this SadSunday series to continue sometimes. There was a time I completely forgot about that and stopped publishing these posts. However, sad music still exists. For example, this waltz, composed by Frederic Chopin is bringing some nostalgic and sad shades to this day. Well, it is not so usual to see a rainy day here in this part of Spain, in the always sunny part of the world, as I like to call this place. It is cloudy and the whole day's rain forced me to stay indoors. Ok, it is not heavy rain, so I could make myself go out for a walk. I guess I won't melt, will I?


These two photos are misleading here, there are not taken today, but last weekend. Today, as I already mentioned, it is cloudy and rainy.

Back to reality and rain, as shown in this royalty-free video by Ivan Khmelyuk posted on pixaby. Today, on my stay-at-home day, I recorded this waltz in B minor. It is the waltz number 2, from opus 69, composed by Frederick Chopin. As I like to ask something or make a game as in some of my recent posts, I have a question in this one too. Ok, in one place, my left hand made a mistake. My finger slipped on one of the keys, and that contributed to one tone being wrong, and that can be heard. My question is, can you tell me in what second of the video happened that accident? I will make a small tip to the one who guesses correctly the first. The game will last for one day. Who wanna play?

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