Comment Challenge: Best Steps Count of the Month- Featuring Actifit! | Five Winner of 5 Hive!

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I am so excited to announce today's contest featuring @Actifit dapp (decentralized application on the Hive blockchain). This is another EASY challenge for all Hivers who are currently using the app to track their daily physical activities and for those who will be interested. I know I have posted a contest just three days ago "CONTEST: Comment Contest: What is Hive to YOU | Five winners of 5 Five" , you can also check this out if you want to earn more Hive in a super-easy way!

Good to know about Actifit:

  • Active members: 4976 ( as of 24th of July)
  • Launched: 27/06/2018
  • Ranked Number 33 Among all Dapps on State of Dapps Website
  • Ranked Number 1 Health App on State of the Dapps Website
  • Mission: Promote a healthier lifestyle by rewarding users for their day to day (fitness) activities
  • Users are always awarded SPORTS tokens when they post their activities using the dApp

To have a better understanding of what Actifit is, below is a quick explanation of what the app is all about, how you can get rewarded, and what you can do with your Actifit rewards!

What is Actifit App

An application that rewards your daily activities.

Rewards are called "Afit Tokens" & "Sports Token". Yep, you get two tokens every time you submit your Actifit Report! You can use you Afit tokens to boost your future actifit posts that give your a bigger rewards from that post. While the Sports tokens you can swap to "Swap.Hive" on Hive engine website.

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How to earn rewards?

  • Download Actifit on your mobile app.
  • You have to open the app on your phone and make sure it's running in the background so it tracks your steps when you go for a walk, jog, or moving around your place, totally anything that requires any physical activities! A minimum of 5,000 steps is required for you to get eligible for the "Afit Tokens" but you can still the "Sports Token" even if you won't reach the 5k activity count.
  • When you're done with your physical activities, Open the App and select "Send Post".

  • Sign in using your Hive username and Private Posting Key. ( You can find this key on the four keys that were given to you when you signed up).

  • Select the activities you did and write a small description. Then, Click the "Submit" button at the very top of the screen.

Did you know?
If you get 10,000 steps before 10am (with a screen capture proof of the actifit app showing time and step count), you can use the #AutomaticWin "hashtag" to get a badge on your actifit post "UPvote", and potential reblog for good quality reports @adventureready's account.

The goal of this contest is to reward some @actifit users by sharing their best step count for the month of August.

Worry not because you have enough time, which is until the end of the month to get your best steps.

Also, you have each week of the month, you can submit one entry of your best or highest @actifit report. Which means you can submit four (4) entries. The more entry you submits in the comment the higher the chance of winning. Sounds fun, right?

How to join the Contest:

  • Share a link and a screenshot of your best/highest steps Actifit Report for the month of August in the comment section.


  • Share this post on your Twitter account.

If you want to get two extra points, you can share this post on Twitter but make sure you mention me on your Twitter post("@itspurepinay")so I can see the post. This will help get the word to everyone that Hive is the next Social3.0 destination!

How to select the Winners:

Five winners will be selected through As always to show bias in this contest, I will go live on my Instagram account (@itspurepinay") for the raffle draw.

Contest Ends:

August 31st, 2021 at midnight (Philippines' time)
Winners will be announced on the 1st of September.

Thank you to @wil.metcalfe for sponsoring 5 Hive for this contest and for helping me with gathering the information!

Hi Hivers, am tagging you in this post incase you want to participate in this actifit comment contest. Thanks to @
dreemsteem's actifit post I was able to see these amzing actifiter's...

"Thanks to @pjansen for compiling all that data and letting us see our progress!!!"

So I went ahead and checked onthese people @pjasen's compilation.

@bluengel, @atongis, @ricky85va, @adamhell, @godfish, @cezary-io, @kofie, @ekushya, @practicaleric,, @roger5120, @vasigo, @ubiqland, @vesytz, ,@peterxixonex, @silvertop, @darrenfj, , @bucipuci, @tillysfamilyfarm, , @sk1920 @dreemsteem

Of course, I also want to give other people a chance to win these Hive rewards. So I hope you guys will take this opportunity, I know 5 Hive won't make one person rich but hey, you might not know where it could take you! hehe

@elizabethbit, @mctopherson, @titusfros, @awesomegames007, @jason7282, @govankilgour, @victorialanz, @onewolfe, @imransoudagar, @ultratrain, @trey50danie, @fbpowers

Happy Hiving, @actifit community! <3


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