Beach Time - My Actifit Report Card: September 16 2021

Hi Actifitters!

The weekend is closing and it can be noticed in the air... The level of laziness is bigger and bigger and Thursday is the beginning point of that as the balance is moved toward the second part of the week... :)

I do living by the sea, but from the moment that I've got back from my vacation, I was maybe 2 or 3 times on the beach... And it passed around a month from then and we had nice weather for almost every day... So, no excuses... Well, today I have decided to go to the beach in the morning, so it was my "office" for today... It was cloudy almost all day, but that was even better as I didn't get sunburned...

As I didn't do my regular stuff in the morning, all that waited to be done later in the day... So, Splinterlands daily quest battling was done around lunchtime, and I have published the Rising Star giveaway and news in the afternoon... Also, checking comments and replying was the next step... After that, the @OurPick post with the awesome collection for today...

I went for my walk twice today... Once around 7 PM when I went to "pick up" my son, so we had father-son walks and talks... :) And I went to the ATM around 10 PM to cash out some fiat that I will need for the next couple of days... The night is great for a walk as it's fresh and not that humid like it was during July-August...

See you in the next report!ot

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