Exceptional day without 3G and 4G

It was a exceptional day for me because whole day I was out of internet. For last couple of days there is a problem here in Bangladesh with the mobile phone internet service specially I am facing so in my area of comilla. I couldn't connect to internet even my emergency email or any other services for about last couple of days. Today I can access to internet from broadband and for this reason I have shifted from my house to one of my relatives house and posting here.

It was a new experience and wonderful experience as well for me. I had not such kind of experience in my life to be out of internet in my home specially when it is required. I had experience of facing trouble when I traveled to remote areas of the village and countryside. But in normal situation it is very first time experience. In recent times we are very much used to with the internet connection and without internet many of our regular activities cannot be done as we are very much dependent on internet connection. When the speed is not upto the mark then we face another trouble because we are very much used to with high-speed internet and in that case if the internet speed is slow then we gets bored.

There was a conflict happened in comilla city regarding the worship. Following this matter government has stopped internet connection in comilla city. I think this was the one of the causes and another region was the technical problem which is specified by the telecommunication minister yesterday in the news channel. 3G and 4G internet connection was in trouble but 2G internet connection was very much available. There was not a emergency problem because people were able to talk to others via 2G network. Normal communications was common just the problem was with the internet connection.

With the experience of such a scenario I had any experience of enjoying the nature today because as I had no work in the internet so I tried to spend much more time with my school friends in the market and enjoy the nature of the village beauty around my village home. So without any kind of difficulty and pressure of work I set my mind that today I will not be able to reach internet connection so I have to enjoy the nature from free mind and exactly what I have done today. I have not checked mobile phone much more and enjoy the nature with freedom. Such kind of experience is needed some times and I am happy with such kind of experiences. I am thankful to the tactical problem because for this technical problem of the network connection I was able to spend time in a different way today what about whole day. I had a weekly meeting with one of my favourite community today but unfortunately I have missed out this hang out as well tonight.

Thank you very much for stopping by.
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