My Actifit Report Card: October 12 2021

It is wonderful and amazing experience for me to enjoy the beauty of the nature nowadays here in Bangladesh. As you know that it is vacation going on here in Bangladesh on the occasion of Holi puja. I am in village home and enjoying the beauty and trying to share some photographs and moment with you in this post of my daily blog.

In the photographs you can see the real beauty of the village which I captured afternoon today. I try to workout in the afternoon or morning time of the day and try to capture some calm and peaceful scenery of the village with my mobile camera. The photographs is created when the sun is about to set and people are very busy in the field to irrigate. You can see the boys are playing in the field and it is another enjoying mode for them as they are playing with lots of joy and fun.

If I just mention about my dad is not so busy because in the morning time till noon I was at home and doing just blogging related activities on my laptop and mobile phone. After taking bath I have to go to bank as there were a trouble faced by my family members and I want there to solve the problem of transfer a bit fund. The coming back from their right again stay at home and pass some time in my mobile phone. The afternoon went out from home as you can change the photographs to enjoy the beauty of the village nature. I have enjoyed a lot because there were various kinds of experience for me as I saw people working in the field and some kids are playing in the field and many more experience was because some people are coming back to home after the holder work. So it was mixed up experience when I was walking and I enjoyed really.

I would like to share my day in this application and it is very good to store some memories of the day and with that we can enjoy our fitness as it is recording our daily activity steps. Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope you will try to ensure that you can maintain your fitness level and get some village nature view.
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