My Actifit Report Card: August 3 2021

Hi beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead..
Walking is always beneficial for health. This evening a friend of mine, who is a teacher by profession, was looking for a room on rent. In the evening he came to my room and requested me to help me in this work. Since this town is located within a radius of one and a half kilometer, it was first decided to walk on a bike, later the decision was changed. Actually I was looking forward to walk so that I can increase my activities and also do some physical exercise. On the way I saw this pair of fearless ducks. Although they were roaming on the streets, but there was also a pool in the neighborhood. I went near these duck pair but they looked so bold that I didn't even try to move. It felt like ignoring me. I also thought let's have a chance to see them closely. The strange thing was that it attacks small children, makes them run. But try to distance itself from the younger guys. This was not a traditional duck pairing as most of the ducks here are seen in white. Yes, some people keep different colorful ducks for their hobby. If they are called pet birds, then it will not be an exaggeration. After a while these two birds started swimming in the rain water. In which it could be clearly seen that they push the water back with the web of their claws.

Leaving them we proceeded and after 10 minutes we reached our destination. The condition of the room was good, all the amenities were there but there was a congested room in which already 2 families were staying. Finally it was decided that it is not appropriate to stay at this place and search for some other place. Since it was also located away from the population, it was bypassed. Remember that incidents of theft are common here, so staying away from the settlement is not free from danger. We came back to the room and during this my activities had increased a lot.
Now it is pretty good score that is over 8k steps..
Hope you are also doing good to keep yourself fit and healthy.
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