New Onion Orchids : My Actifit Report Card: October 15 2021

Forecast was changed from the day before. Possibility of a storm in the afternoon is the current version. That got me into thinking I could ride down the hill and do a 90 minute walk and then ride back. Even hung out the damp washing from yesterday. Off I went under a blue sky. That did not last with a huge slice of cloud coming in with the wind from the west. I turned around and stopped in to check on a few orchids

My friend, Louise came by as I was photographing an orchid. I showed her the range of orchids in this small slice on the edge of the national park. I found this red bearded orchid as I was showing her.

This is what I was photographing when Louise arrived. Onion orchid

Close up shows red spot hanging off the plant - confirms the red spots I saw a few weeks ago were red mite spiders. Sorry for lack of focus - was windy.

New bud emerging on a new plant - microtis parviflora

Different angle on the calochilus paludosus

Better photos without the distractions

Microtis parviflora

One hill done and stayed dry. My wife had brought the washing in. It did not rain much.

Spent some time attacking clover in the front lawn - used the strimmer.

Started work on a new investment management business with a friend - how to build a savings pool from age 45 onwards. The idea is to replicate my investing process using ETFs - his ideas for the detail.

Dinner action pizza from scratch on bought in gluten free bases.

Ingredients assembled ready for action. Cooked on pizza stone in bbq outside under the half moon. Base pre-cooked

Cooking on the stone really crisped the bases up. Ready for final cook

Change in cooking process improved the whole product - nice crunch and not doughy

Trade action: Stayed up late to check the short trades on TLT. Decided to let them run to exercise. Not sure how settlement will work.

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