Exploring Rock Walled Dalaguete

The Rock Walled Dalaguete is located in the southern part of Cebu province. It is one of the most visited tourist spot in Dalaguete, Cebu. My friend invited me to visit here and she told me that this place is remarkable. I didn't have doubts so I immediately packed my stuffs and went there.

This is the view above the resort. The resort has full of big rocks. While we were chatting, we were able to witness the stunning view of the sea water and the people who had enjoyed swimming in the sea. When you go higher, you may see a greater view of the place, including the clear water and blue sky. The location is ideal for making and reminiscing happy moments.

Have you seen the big rocks?


The location features a cave, which we opted to visit. Upon entering, I felt chilled, possibly due to the cool breeze and the water inside. When you enter the cave, you'll notice pure water within; some say it's from the sea and many people have taken a bath despite of the coldness of the water.

This path is going inside the cave. The water inside the cave is ok for bathing but I never went inside because I don't want to stay in a dark and close place. I just asked my friend to took a photo of me at the entrance area.


I wasn't expecting to see such a beautiful place; I was dragged there by a friend, and we ended up here. When I first saw the location, I felt at ease and was enthralled by the view, which clearly shows the sea meeting the sky.


We took this opportunity to have a photographs with my friends since this was just a rare event to our friendship because we are all busy in our daily endeavors.


After we took photos at the entrance of the cave we headed to the area near the sea water. It really brightened my day because the environment has a magnificent view.


After having a simple get together, we return back home. It was really an unforgettable moment with my friends. Although it was just quick but it really made me happy to be with them.

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