Bug Report to "Save the World"

#DBuzz #bugreport for @aashirrshaikh
(see end part to "Save the World" and Have Fun and Get Rich while doing so).

A few bugs and a feature request..

Using android, but also applies to desktop for some.

  1. When changing default max payout, after clicking into field and backspacing to delete the 1, a 0 appears after the cursor, so if not looking at the field after entering a new number, say 5, the posted max payout shows as 50, ie. 10x that intended. If noticing this before posting, a further 2 clicks are needed to correct the error

  2. Overlapping posts, ongoing bug from many months ago. Previously reported more than once.

Well, look at the time, i got 1 prial of 3's, anyone wanna play 3 card Brag? :-)

3 Unable to upload pictures.
When pressing picture button, nothing happens.
Sometimes, if i post without picture, i can edit the Buzz and add the picture, but not always. So now, to resolve this issue, i switch to #ecency or #peakd, create a draft, upload a picture, copy the markdown text, back to #DBuzz, paste, switch back to close the draft unsaved, then back to @dbuzz. Previously reported. This is a pain in the #### :-!

4 Character counter circle not showing correct quantity when cutting/pasting links or picture html. i'm not certain of the exact circumstances of when this happens, but if you experiment you should discover it. To correct the counter so i know if i have spare characters or if i have gone over the limit (yes, it allows this in these bug circumstances) i select all text and copy, close the DBuzz draft and close, start a new buzz and paste. If text pasted is over the limit it is truncated. Counter now shows correctly.
Previously reported with less detail.

5 #featurerequest Please move the counter circle to in-between input field and preview display to avoid need to scroll down to see it then scroll back up to continue inputting. Also a pain in the #### :-!

Thanks in anticipation of your prompt attention, and thanks to all the @DBuzz team for a great (even though somewhat buggy) product and service to help humanity step futher out of the #massmurdermachine which Twitter and virtually all centralised organisations are supporting.

i invite YOU (whoever is reading this) to take a bold and courageous step toward helping create an alternative system so the #massmurdermachine is no longer required.

Please read this
to learn how you can stop supporting (by using centralised organisations and many other ways)and instead begin to help end the slavery and suffering in this dream of life on earth, and have some fun and get rich doing so. :-)

Sat Nam

@chrisrice, fyi.

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