Anoch the grejmen

I have begun playing role-playing games again with some old friends and family - I am building on a game I rather inadvertently invented when I demonstrated the GURPS rules (Yes... a strange name) for my daughter and a nephew. It is a very bleak and bloody world and I have included some of the drawings I have made recently: Norn the dead God and The Zombie Steed to be part of the story.

I will try to unravel some of this world in this worldbuilder group as thia is where I guess it is most fitting. For now I will just, as a starter, post this drawing of a Norn Missionary warrior monk called, Anoch. His large shield looks like it is a door torn off a hobbit hole, and he is standing with his spear in a forest of spruce. In the game the players are sort of colleagues to this enormous man as they all play warrior monks in the Norn Mission.

The symbol of the Norn Mission is on his shield and bronze breastplate as it was on the crazy man sitting on the zombie steed.

I will probably return to this topic soon!


Anoch the grejmen

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