To emerge is a choice


In this sophisticated lifestyle, many of us tend to be driven away by triggers, victim-blaming, and many more harsh realities. Yet, we keep on moving without coming to a halt. Such, beautiful souls are never applauded but have mingled with the crowd. Taking this moment, it is essential to bring out their moment of encouragement in display in order to continue the flow of strengthening individuals.

Today the highlighted figure is none other than people of the low caste who have been neglected and dismissed for quite a long time. I'm not writing this post back in the 19th century or more backward, yet it is quite insulting and shameful, in perspective, that we aren't able to grow out of poor-middle-rich societal boundaries.

However, amid this ongoing scenario, recently some individuals are popping up, who have been marked to grow out of such thinking while leading and causing awareness among the community on such mindsets. One such figure I would like to note is Manjulai, the one who is in the highlights of media now, encouraging and strengthening the low caste people of one specific area but creating an impact overall although, she has been a victim herself. In this growing universe, we are still striving and surviving. The ample loads which we take upon us can only be less loading if we intend to make the best of opportunities in building ourselves and the society we live in. Taking the lesson from Mangulai, we all can at the very least contribute a part of us in this growing universe to create an impact, a positive impact for the betterment of the society; for ourselves, us.

The role of building self is quite one's own responsibility but educating society is everyone's responsibility which has been shifted and jumbled, from time to time. If we take upon this moment to gather and eliminate the discouraging mindsets, it is quite possible to emerge as a whole new population of intellectual, responsible individuals.

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