My Summer Spinaches (পুঁই শাক) are growing well | My Balcony Garden Story.


Just today I picked some spinach from my balcony to cook. It's such a pleasure to eat organic from home and be able to grow with our own hands.

Being raised up in a city, I never got the chance to have any agricultural experience nor we thought about growing something on our own. We had a backyard but there used to be some large trees. That's all. So now, when I grow something on my balcony, it's my first-hand experience.

Let me share some more about my spinach plant.


I planted this local spinach a month back. We call it Pui shak/পুই শাক. It is also called Malabar spinach. It tastes quite similar to spinach. The growing process is very easy. You can plant the 'leftover' vine on the soil, they will grow roots in 3-5 days. Also, you can plant the seeds too. It will take time to grow from seeds.


These are the vines I planted a month back. I planted two types of spinach, one is a red type and one is green. The red one contains more iron. But they taste almost similar.

The small plant you are seeing is growing from the seeds. I had some seeds from the past year and put them in soil, now they are growing back.



Yes, I do have some other plants; I'm growing green chili in the same pot. It's not flowering yet.

Also, I found that the soil quality falls as they are from the past year too. So I added some more rich soil lately.


Aren't they look healthy?

These few plants can give me enough spinach for a few months. It will start to grow more in no time. If I take good care of them and if they get enough sun, my whole balcony will be covered with spinach vines.

Looking forward to seeing the amaze!

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