Celebrating Eid 🕌🤲

We are celebrating the big day.


It's our one of the major religious occasion, Eid. The day was quite busy practicing different rituals, cooking, welcoming guests, and all. Now we are relaxing.

The day went pretty well though we couldn't make it to our homes to meet our parents. Hopefully, we will take a flight home tomorrow. So I'm very excited about tomorrow than today.

And my son, is happy, playing with neighboring kids, eating desserts. So he is quite happy too.


We went outside in the afternoon to have some refreshments. We had good food with some music. Also, the place has a play zone so my son also enjoyed it.

You may wonder what's the first photo is about.

It's my flower decor idea. I usually pick some flowers and leaves from my balcony garden and decor them like that way on a bowl. In water they stay fresh for long, it looks very shooting and wonderful to me.

Though these flowers don't have any fragrance when I got jasmine in my garden if I add them to the water they give a nice scent.

You can try it too.

Now we are busy packing. Tomorrow we will fly to our home. Yey...

The government announced lockdown again from 23rd July. Hopefully, we will stay in our hometown during that time and celebrate the rest of our Eid with our parents and relatives.

Let's hope for the best.

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