The Marriage Deal


Steven has remained single since his last break up, he had loved Julie so much that the break up took years to heal. Steven was well to do but it seems Julie just didn't love him for anything for her to have broke his heart the way she did.

It's been years but things remained the same, Steven's parents had no choice but to inform him of a blind date they had planned for him. Steven hated the idea but he couldn't show it so he decided to as his work mate, Erica to act like his girlfriend in front of his parents just to escape from the blind date.

Erica agreed to go on the date with Steven for just one day since his parents wanted him to bring a date to the family dinner. The dinner went well as Steven's parents were very happy to meet the love of their son's life.

Erica felt the love from them but she kept reminding herself of the deal and she had a boyfriend whom she loved. Steven and Erica became friends but they thought they never saw each other as being compatible for each other.

Steven started having feelings for Erica but he had to hide his feelings so he doesn't loss their already growing friendship. Steven's parents started asking after Erica from him and was asking when he would get married to her.

Steven knew that if he told them he lied to them about her, they would be very unhappy so he promised them that he would get married to her soon.

Steven told Erica about another deal, that they should get married and divorce a month later just to be able to keep his promise to his parents but Erica refused.

Steven confessed his love to her if she would still consider his feeling and go ahead with the deal but Erica became confused and left him thinking about her boyfriend. She couldn't imagine betraying her boyfriend's love for her, she had grown some feelings for Steven but she couldn't forget all her boyfriend had done for her and she could not marry on a deal.

Erica decided to stay with her boyfriend and keep growing their relationship. She went home after work one day, when she found her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl.

With a broken heart, Erica called Steven and agreed to the deal. They got married and forgot about the deal.

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