It Was Mhizsmiler's Birthday Yesterday - Here Is The Highlight

Happy belated birthday to me!!! 🤭 Oh how I wish it would be a happy birthday to me because I'm still feeling the excitement so much and I don't wish for it to end.

Yesterday was my birthday and it went too well than planned. The fun, the excitement, the gifts, the laughs and the merriment was so much for me that I kept wishing for yesterday never to end.

Impossible!!! I know but I can still make a wish right? Well, the memory still lives in my heart and I don't think I can forget it in a hurry. That's worth it after all.


How did my Birthday go?

I tell you, you'd be excited about it too when I tell you how it all went. Yesterday was super lit, I had made some little preparations for my close friends and lodge mates in school but it turned out to be more extravagant than I had prepared.

As for how it all started

The first message and gift came from my younger sister, she kinda always gets that position every year and I appreciate her for it. The first hour of my birthday was so full of happiness for me, I got calls and wishes from my family and a few friends.

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my lodge mates calling out to me with wishes and I got the water beating of my life from them, they had no pity on me even when they knew it was freezing that morning. The excitement didn't make me freeze though 😂 I had a good laugh instead.

After that, my friend came in to help me prepare meat sauce for my lodge mates and so many people came around to wish me including those I don't know and they all went back home happy.


I didn't plan for a cake but I got one from my surprise loaded @kenechukwu97 how he did it is still a surprise to me. The cake was not just beautiful with my favorite color, it was delicious as well.
Let me thank him again 😂 Thank you so much Nkem



I also got framed pictures as gifts from my school daughter and my course mate. You needed to see my face when I was given the frames having my pictures on it, I was so happy and I couldn't stop jumping with shouts.

Just when I thought the surprises had ended, my brother came around to take me out for pizza. I didn't remember to take pictures, I would love to share it here also. Well, I enjoyed the pizza with my favorite drink - Youghurt 😋

I wish I could thank all who made my day awesome with their wishes but I don't think I can thank them enough.

Here is the longest wish I got from a friend on WhatsApp.


And here are other two more wishes from my friends I cherish also.



My UU family aren't left out, their wishes were beautiful. I also got special wishes from my church members and I love their wishes. I felt really awesome yesterday and thinking about it now makes me wanna relive it again.

I haven't been able do anything online for sometime now and that's because of so many activities last week including my birthday preparations. But now, I'm fully back online so expect my comments on your posts like before so long you give me those your amazing posts 😝

I hope I can still ask for wishes for my belated birthday 🥺 since I couldn't make this post yesterday, I would appreciate the love from my fellow Hivers also and then I'll count today as an awesome day too and the day after and day after tomorrow 🤭

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