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Chatter on the streets of Los Angeles, people scatter everywhere, some going home to their loved ones, some going to parties, some going for a date, and some going to carry out a secret job. The city is full of life, awake at its peak, street lights on, impatient drivers honking while the traffic light keeps on with its job. Los Angeles, a city that never sleeps, a city where killers are on the loose, and a city where some people are predators.

Harry, married to a beautiful woman with three children, just arrived home to a warm welcome from his wife Becky. He and his family have lived in Sunset Boulevard for the past 10 years which is indeed the first time they had been stable in years. Before, they moved around alot because his wife Becky always had a reason for them to move.


"Hmmm! That smells delicious. What are you cooking Becky?"

"Honey, it's uhm! Your favorite. So I want you to do something for me before the kids come for you."

"hmm, what is that my Queen?"

Becky stalked after Harry where he stood pulling off his jacket. She went rolling his tie between her fingers, while she pulled him closer as she whispered something into his ears and immediately he went rushing upstairs.

"I promise I will be down in a minute!" Harry said as he left.

"Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!"

The children caught him on his way upstairs as they all welcomed him home. So he told them to go downstairs for dinner as he went to wash off the stress of the day. Harry, a hardworking accountant that loves and is committed to his wife and children (John, Mary, and Anna).

"Mum, is dinner ready yet because I'm starving?" John said while he sat down pouting.

"Don't worry my babies, I will be done soon, then we eat, okay?"

"Alright mum" John replied

As Becky was trying to finish the dinner fast before Harry came downstairs, there was a smashing sound from upstairs. Immediately, Becky dropped the spoon she was holding and told her children to follow her immediately to the spandrel under the stairs. When they got there, Becky removed a little wall clock that was hanging close to the spandrel and there was a computerized palm print there. She placed her right palm on it and the spandrel opened up.

"Quickly, get inside! Do not, I repeat, do not make any sound no matter what you hear, okay?"

"Mum, what is happening?" Mary asked.

"It's alright my baby, I just want to check if daddy is okay up there" she replied as she kissed her on the head.

"Be quiet!" Becky gestured with her index finger placed on her lip.

Then she placed back her right palm on the computerized palm print and the spandrel door closed shut. Then she walked quietly close to a flower vase close to the stairs and removed a Sig P320 pistol handgun, removed her shoes and headed upstairs stealthily. She watched carefully as she approached their master's bedroom and she heard Harry making a painful muffled sound. Adrenaline came rushing through her veins as she ran quickly into their room and found her husband tied to a chair, gagged and with two men in the room. One sitting on their bed and the other pointing a gun to Harry's head.


"Put the gun down Becky unless you want your husband's brain splashed around in this room and by the way I love the painting of the room hahaha. White?! Really Becky?!"

"What are you doing in my house, Jürgen? I thought we agreed you would not come to my home?" Becky asked

""Oh Frau! (oh woman!) but I am here to collect!"* Jürgen replied

"What?! What do you mean?!"

"Well, you see I want the flash drive Stefan sent over to your house yesterday or your husband dies! No?" Jürgen said as he pointed a gun at Becky carelessly.

Becky looked surprised and she said "no mail was delivered here yesterday and today. I received no mail. So what are you talking about and please don't pull that trigger or I swear to God I will…"


Harry began to mumble as he was gagged also. Then Jürgen went over to remove the cloth and said, "you have something to say to your beautiful wife?"

"Becky, who are these people? What flash drive are they talking about?" Harry asked

"Honey, I can explain everything please," she replied.

"Hahahah, trouble in paradise? Do you know who your wife is, Harry? Do you?"

"SHUT UP!" Becky said angrily while she was pointing the gun at Jürgen.

"What? You kill me? Hahahaha then your husband dies!" Jürgen said, mocking Becky.

"I have told you the truth, I do not have any flash drive here".


Becky startled as Jürgen screamed at her. She looked at her husband as tears gathered around her eyes and then she said, "I don't have any drive, Jürgen please!"

Jürgen flared his nose and said to the other man pointing a gun to Harry, "kill him"

The gun went off and Becky screamed while her world began to crumble around her. A world she spent years building and a world she struggled to build. All gone! Harry was everything to her.

Becky shot at Jürgen , but he dodge the bullet as he approached Becky violently, meeting her blow to blow. As they both fought, Becky was lost in fury not taking note of the other man in the room. There was a gunshot, then another, then again and again. Becky's eyes dilated, choking on her blood, pain shot through her spine as she went down on her knees hard. She fell on her chest as her heartbeat slowed down and she went unconscious.

"You bastard! Why did you shoot her?!" Jürgen asked the other man.

"I thought she was going to kill you", the other man said.

"Now! We don't get to find out where the flash drive is!" Jürgen pinched the bridge of his nose and said,, "let's get out of here fast".


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