Urban metamorphosis!


I hope you all are doing great.

For a long time ago, a friend of mine told me about the very term 'metamorphosis'. It typically indicates the subtle biological changes that occured in some distinct stages among many insects and amphibians. But you can find the similarities in many more things. And I think they are worth concerning..


The title of this episode is somehow borrowed from the idea of my buddy's jostling mind. On that day, we talked about our day to day life in cities and how it is changing rapidly. Though my friend entirely a city folk, I was amazed to see how he has such enthusiastic attitude towards the peaceful country life.

He's been living in the city life from his childhood to schooling and even to his higher studies and still now. He told me that he has a lot of friends living in small towns or nearby villages like me. His favourite pass time is gossiping with his friends about their traditional life and experiencing amazing stories that he could never be able to experience personally.

But, I can still remember that day. It was a usual day to him exploring new friends and their experiences. On that day, we talked a lot about the urban life and it’s rapid pace of changing attitude which includes a huge related issues. People living an urban life must have the quality to adapt the subtle changes and move on with it. If someone fails to keep pace with it, they may fall behind. It is like an open secret for the city dwellers.

Changes in communication, accomodation, social inclination, overall mindset, eating habit and many more are the noticable issues regardin urban lifestyle. It is said that time runes faster in cities in contrast with slower country life. People literally runs to keep pace with the fast forwarding time. Many have urgencies to reach office on time, students to their campuses, labourers to their workplace. Sometimes it seems, people are like robots here. They hardly could get the opportunity to think of another means because of their prime survival instinct.

This kinda things was not new to my friend. He grew up with this. But for me it was like breathtaking. When I came to this city for the first time, it was much difficult to adapt with it for a simple boy like me. But time teaches a lot. I was trying hard to fit in. And guess what I succeded. Though it took me through some unavoidable hazards. But now I'm okay with it. But still my openion is totally similiar to my buddy's point of view.

However, I secretly have planed to give a surprise to my friend. I will invite him abruptly, no no, will force him to pay a visit to my beautiful village near the bank of Little Jamuna. I think it will be a memorable trip for him. I know that he must be amazed to explore the ambience, have traditional food items, wander by boat on Jamuna, brath fresh air and many more.

I truely hope to make it happen and be a part of my friends memorable experience. Okay, let's see what happens..

Thank you for your valuable time. And one more thing, of course I'll share his experience of the tempting concrete beauty of countryside in contrast with the never-ending metamorphic urban lifestyle.

See u soon.

Till then,


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