A New Tomorrow!


I say sadness is a common thing. If there is no sadness, there is no happiness. They are just like the two equal sides of a coin.

If you are in a bad situation, it means there's definitely something good waiting for you ahead. Keep the patience going on. It is the only thing which can give you the courage you need to tackle any adverse situation in life.

So, today my is to let you think about sadness in a new way. I am telling you gonna like it.

When bad times comes people usually get depressed and bear a certain mountain like burden of stress. Sometimes, it is seen among them to become indifferent to their priority work; while it is the acute focusing thing for them.

Right here, right now! Yes, of course. You have to decide whether it is wise to work accordingly where it is needed to overcome the hazard or remain in the gloom condemning the fate.

Let share an important fact which gave me the inspiration writing todays article. I used to spend my afternoon some usual stuff like walking by the river getting some fresh air or riding my bike for short drive to my neighbouring friends place.

It was the usual day and both of us was gossiping about the recent football match which was the talk of the time on that day. Suddenly, a boy named Rafi; he is my friend's younger one.

I came to know that he is in pretty bad situation. Failed in exams; addicted to some sort of VR games, showing stressful attitude to anybody he reacts, fossilized pessimism etc ect.

I asked him why he being so depressed; this is not the end of the world. It is okay playing games or doing whatever you like to do. The boy was previously familiar to me and he shared his probs by pros and cons.

What I have found noteworthy is that it is not playing games, or watching movies, or doing something he likes to do keeping him out to get any success; at least a pass or promotion. No, no my friend. I find none of them are guilty.

I told him to think about his problems as a priority based. Which one comes first according to their value right now. Solve it and move forward! That is the thing.

I see you are pretty much concerned about yourself and your likings as well. Why didn't you start working on the findings you come up at the first place? You should started working on it when you had realized it.

Most of the people lost themselves into this Sadsque! And never could come back. Think about it, if they didn't follow the usual path of static repentance or a unworthy stress they would overcome the bad or worse or whatever the situation they are into.

That is exactly my concerning point. I tried to let you think about the things like sadness and stress in new way as per as I could.

I say the difficult times are a good sigh for the limitless possibilities ahead. If one keeps the patience and work accordingly to the point ; I assure you there will be a beautiful morning of a new tomorrow.

We should be truly hopeful for that.

See you soon.

With ❤️

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