This Made in Bangladesh snack is gaining popularity here in India!

I was just searching for some savoury snacks in the supermarket when I found this amazing unique flavoured Potata a Spicy Flavoured Biscuit.

As I have a habit of reading ingredients of any food item I buy coz I am vegan so it is a must to check the contents. I found it is vegan and bought it.

At home when I opened it, found it a balanced flavour of sweet and spicy. I just checked the manufacturer's information and found it Mande In Bangladesh! It is a matter of surprise as it was the first time I found any food item from Bangladesh and it is vegan too!

After that I have become a regular customer of this product and also asked for supermarket manager about is selling, he said it is going good.


It is available here for just INR 25/- i.e. 0.35 USD. If anybody from Bangladesh reading this and have used this product I would like to know how much its price in its originated country Bangladesh?

Also, I would like to know which snacks from India are popular in Bangladesh?


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