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Monday, october 18, 2021
সোমবার, ২য় কার্তিক ১৪২৮

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝖂𝖊𝖊𝖐𝖑𝖞 𝕿𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖎




One of the items that I have always noticed in this community is that people normally do not venture out. What I mean by that is that they produce content and post it in the BDC page and that’s it. Done. Next?

Why is that? We have talented people. Why don’t they venture out to the greater part of hive? Which honestly is not that big, so why not? I will answer:

  1. They are hesitant due to the language barrier. For most people here English is their 2nd language. Believe me, I know it’s my second language too. Don’t worry about it. Nobody cares. For a conversation, when you are commenting on others posts, incorrect English is fine. It is certainly better than not commenting.

  2. There is not enough incentive to reach out. BDC is probably the most supportive community in hive in terms of vote. There is a saying, and I won’t tell you from who, but for a change it’s not my word. The saying is, “we vote for them because no one else will vote for them”. I think that’s enough,eh?

  3. Currency advantage: $15 take home per post is nothing much, but if you post 6 times a week that’s $90. That’s $360 per month. Again that’s nothing for a guy or gal in Europe or the US. But that is 30,000 BDT plus. That is a decent middle class salary. Why do I need to earn more? Think again :)

There could be more and if you like to be self critical you should comment below. As this is a safe environment. I like to know what I missed.

My point is if you stick to this model you will get bored quickly. It is not going to be fun anymore and you won’t capture or learn any new skills. Hive may or may not exist tomorrow but if you learn a new skill and have a goal of personal betterment, that will stay with you forever, with or without hive.

""I’m not gonna wear your logo, thank you.

- @notacinephile

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything in Turni, and that is so not because I lost interest, rather I was so much preoccupied with stuff that when I found a moment or two once in a while—I couldn’t bring myself to make me sit and write something that I imagine someone might find interesting. To be perfectly honest, I’m unsure about the nature of this writing as well.

So, I’ve always been fond of custom design shirts. The idea is to provide your own design, may it be some artwork you created/designed or a slogan, or a motif, etc to a t-shirt vendor and they’ll take that design, produce t-shirt in their own time and sell the final products back to you. The reason why you’d prefer custom design over the premade, ready-to-buy stuff you see on the showcase is a no-brainer one. A custom t-shirt speaks for you. It’s like a personal canvas of a sort. Instead of sporting Nike or Adidas on your outfit, you boast your own likings.
I see this equation in a much simpler way. If I want to show any pattern or design on my wearable, why the hell am I going to advertise for someone else?
This is why I always avoid buying clothes with brand logo showing. Plain shirts and t-shirts are much better—unless it’s something I actually want to show. Like t-shirt of my favorite musical band. I’m advertising for the band in this case, but I’m also advertising myself—showing everyone what kind of music I listen to.

But making a custom t-shirt has its own caveat. Vendors won’t simply sell a single t-shirt to you. You want to make your design come to life? Sure, make 100 t-shirts. That won’t do. And if some vendor or service agrees, they will charge you way more than average. But hey, when you want to buy clothes as a hobbyist, you can’t complain. The real problem was Covid though. The only vendor I knew who provided a single custom t-shirt wasn’t making t-shirts anymore due to supply shortage and I had to buy plain clothes only.

A few days ago I found a new business page on Facebook and it looked like they provided custom t-shirts. I talked to them, provided a couple of designs I preselected quite some time ago, made the payment first. I was a bit skeptical as there was no review, and I think I was their first customer lol. But they actually surprised me with their amiable behavior and when I finally got the products about a week later, I was delighted by the quality! And they are actually cheaper than the previous vendor I used. Of course, I wrote a positive review for them and hoping to make some more t-shirts.

For the first two, one of them is Cahiers Du Cinema, the French film magazine from the 1950s and another one is Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein—one of the greatest films ever made. The film is already in the public domain, and the magazine poster is over 70 years old.

Now, do you think they speak for me? I think they do. :)

""ধানশালিকের দেশ""

- @Kinab


- @whileatwiltshire

The red lines inside your eyes showed me just how out of it you were,
Just how much of you had drowned under the liquid poison.

And I wondered, how much you really needed to take in,
Just how much you needed to drink to forget the scars she left behind on your heart.

They were visible in your eyes,
The scars she had left told stories on your eyelids and fluttered out as you blinked,
And dropped themselves onto my feet like sand.

But instead of picking them up with my fingers,
I let them get carried away by the wind.

I was scared of them.

The stories your scars told,
The agony they brought onto you and me both,
I was scared of them.

I had too many of my own stories to deal with,
Too many of my own sorrows to conceal and cover,
Too many of my own scars to ignore and isolate,

How was I supposed to take in your pain
When I couldn't even take in mine?

So, instead of picking them up,
And holding them close to my heart so they melted away within me,
I let them vanish and turned the other way.

I was weak and selfish.
Your eyes were too much for me to drink as always.


""Personal Freedom!""

- @chrysanthemum

Personal freedom simply implies the liberty an individual enjoys while he/she doing the usual stuff. Everyone wants freedom. And it is seen among all the wild beasts to the civilized humans. Who doesn’t like to do the things they would love to do.

Being a socially living being, we all are connected to each other with a strong bond. We need to interact with many people for the lifestyle we lead and easy going as everyday life, for our works that we do for a living or for a social gathering and so on.

We all should respect personal choice and individual freedom. I think, these are gifts we should be proud for as a human being. That is what could make our world a better place to live in.

If you respect others personal freedom, it will surely pay you back. Diversity is the most beautiful thing among our race. The amazing diverse quality gave us the super power of adapting and evolve as a collective human race. And I must say we are pretty successful on that note.

For the greater good we all, including the so called aware people around us should promote as well as spread this vibe wherever get the chance.

If someone is happy singing, let them sing. If someone is happy being numb sometimes, let them be. If you feel telling the bitter truths, go ahead; I say you are welcome.

For the children, it is a crucial thing. Most of the times, we forget to give them the proper respect or freedom to share their feelings or opinion. They certainly have personalities, and I’ve seen many of the have the strong ones.

We should always remember that every person including the ones who are now at an early age has their inbuilt notion of feeling free and a personality that is worth concerning.

Friends, my point is to make you re/de-think about the actions we make while interacting with others especially the young ones. They must feel worthy of being listend to, having personal freedom, feeling attached rather left alone and most importantly to nourish your personal freedom and choices you make. 'Cause I think if I’m not wrong; it definitely makes you, the you.

Thank you!



""Passing the Torch""

- @minhajulmredol

There is a time when everybody is new at something, it takes some time to gather experience and get familiar with the new atmosphere. In that new place we seek help from experienced ones, yeah that should be the way, experienced people should also come forward to guide us through. There lie some responsibilities of ours too, we must not depend on them completely because every place is not like a primary school that they will teach us holding our hands, we are not on that stage anymore. We must do some homework to expand the help we got, and increase the little knowledge passed to us.

Whether it's in real life or virtual life, I have been on both sides numerous times. Sometimes I was on the side of seeking help and sometimes on the other side of guiding someone. This taught me many things and one of those is very important while we seek help from someone. We must have the mentality to do some of the work on our own too. When we ask a question we get a particular answer, there remain many ifs and buts which are not usually asked or answered, those are on us to explore in our suitable way. Some would ask for help to guide them every step holding their fingers, in that way they don’t see what's happening and why, they just keep clicking without even understanding the reason and get stuck on the next time if something gets changed. On the same side, there are some people too, who would ask for a roadmap, some key points, some guidance to work on them and explore things in their own way. That's what I love, this should be the proper way. While searching for one you get answers to ten more questions and that's a solid way to establish your way through a new place, not the first one.

Also, the person seeking help should have the mentality to pass the same help to the next one that comes to them. That's how everything grows, right?



- @shahinaubl

The means of life begin with dreams. A dream is a separate image that reflects your own identity. Through which the world can be guessed. Goal setting is our personal choice, and there is no substitute for it. But, to my knowledge, there is a contrast between dreams and emotions. Most of the time, we follow emotions and let go of thoughts. It may have success, but it does not have its own flavor.

People can be passionate about anything they are interested in. But, unfortunately, dreaming and doing aren't the same. For example, many people love music and have a passion for music. But if you have zero knowledge about music, you can't play a good song.

It is better to have a dream and forward the emotion towards it—a much better choice than wandering around unnecessarily.

The battle between emotions and dreams is constant. To outline our journey, we need enough knowledge to equate both. By emphasizing our strengths, we turn the key to destiny to step on our mission.

Knowledge is forgotten and changed, which is very much in line with today's education system. Yet, education is a tool that helps us realize our dreams. It allows us to follow our goals with passion, and we are wise to choose the proper channels.

To be very clear, don't let your own dreams be postponed by others and by your own laziness. It is good to remember; the proper knowledge opens the door to our dreams.

Fear of failing without trying; the future may not be what you dreamed of. Repeatedly fail and fall with courage. We are still in the process of connecting and improving our dreams wherever you go.

So to illuminate the future of dreams, dare to face failure with colossal success. Let a dream come true and let it come true not just by will but by passionate action.


𝕰𝖓𝖉 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖊𝖘

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