Traditional Egg Korma recipe.....!!

Egg Korma is one of the easiest yet popular dishes in south Asian subcontinent. In fact it doesn’t take long to cook. Anyone can easily make this at home in short time. You may make it in different ways using various spices but in today’s blog I'm gonna share the easiest way. Hope you like it. So without any further due let’s started....



• Boiled egg
• Cooking oil
• Ghee
• Bay leaf
• Cardamom
• Cinnamon
• Ginger paste
• Garlic paste
• Onion paste
• Sliced onion
• Red chilli powder
• Coriander powder
• Cumin paste
• Pierced green chilli
• Cashew paste
• Liquid milk
• Salt
• Sugar

Making process

First you have to take fresh eggs and washed them well. If you are going to use them from refrigerators then make sure it is in room temperature. Put a pan on stove and pour water into it, put a pinch of salt and then boil all the eggs properly.


Once done then put a frying pan on stove and add a teaspoon of cooking oil, make it heat. After that put boiled eggs and slightly shallow fry. Put the flame low and slowly fry it. You don’t have to use any kind of turmeric powder on it.


Now take curry pan on stove and put here a teaspoon of cooking oil in the meantime a teaspoon of deshi ghee. Make it heat and then add bay leafs, sliced onion, cinnamon, cardamom and onion paste. Stir the pan slowly and cook until brown.


Add a dash of water, put some ginger garlic paste and cashew paste, mixed it well with a spatula. After cooking all these well add here a pinch of red chilli powder and coriander powder, salt to taste.


Now add here frying eggs and mixed all well carefully. Here I don’t use any plain water. For gravy I use liquid milk. So after properly cooking all the spices, pour a cup of milk into it and some sugar to taste. Lid the pan and make it cook.


After sometime put some pieces of piercing green chilli and again lid the pan for thickness and fragrance. You can spread some ghee on it for extra taste. After a few minutes egg korma will be ready to serve.


You can have it with polao or rice or nun. Hope you guys have tried it out. That's all for today. Catch you on my next blog. Till then stay tuned and keep me in your prayers. Happy cooking.

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