Till the last breath.....!!


Sometimes I get extremely envious. You know when? Glimpsing the couple’s in the same batch also in the same department crouching together. I feel jealous of not being in the same classroom with my special one. I always saw them sitting together in the classroom and then sharing notes, the two read a coursebook together, one put the lectures in others notebook. That was really cute.

That’s just the way it is, nothing like that. I used to notice periodically they avoid each other and getting far away. At that time both of them used to seat in a bad mood. No one would talk in fact seems that it would be a crime looking at each other.

At that time I feel blessed that we are not in the same batch or same department. Feels like if we remain a joint classroom, we might not sit together ever. Cause we had a fight. Normally he never fights on his own. I'm a little grumpy and so I myself react a lot more. That can be any issue which of course may not matter to many.

I have a bad habit. If anything, the first thing I do is blocking his numbers from every possible way and then blocked his social media account so that he could not reach. I may block him twice per week. Yes, sounds ridiculous but true. Even after so many things never fall apart.

He might be not in my class but we used texting for the whole period. Most of time we joint on video calls in class time. Not in every period but during boring lectures. He was waiting for me outside the classroom and I would peek through the window.

I LOVE YOU because you never let us fall apart. No matter who is to blame and who is not, from all of this our relationship remains precious to you. Thanks for being with me in all situations and I promise there will be no next in my life except you. You are my constant and I love you.

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