Skin Care : how to exfoliate 💁

We all wish to have a healthy skin. Don't we?..... Healthy skin helps us to look healthy and feel healthy. But the question is how to get healthy and beautiful skin? Is it very easy to get?

Basically the answer is "yes, it is". A proper skin care routine can change your thoughts as well as your skin. Now question arise, Does there any difference between the process of skin care of boys and girls?

No, scientifically there is no differences. But some are think so, actually it's a type of myth that all believes there is huge differences between girls and boys skin though it's not correct. We all have 3 layer of skin. We saw varieties of product in market that called it's for men and it's for women but trust me it's just a marketing policy for selling their products nothing else.

Now let's come to my skin. To be honest, I treat it as my baby and I've a best skin so far. I'm quite satisfy to have that type of healthy skin. I don’t use a lot's of products or chemicals, I just try to clean it perfectly with any ingredients or cleansers you have. It's totally a wrong concept that skin care requires a lots of product, I think it doesn’t make any sense.


Today I'm gonna share a emergent part of skin care that is "skin exfoliating ".
Actually exfoliating helps us to remove our dead skin cells. We can exfoliate our skin by three different ways. That is :

  • Scrubbing
  • Peeling
  • Chemical exfoliate

How you choose it

▶ If you have acne prone skin or you have fungal acne problem, stop doing scrubbing. Cause it causes to implant bacteria from one side to another in your face. More importantly if you are more than 25, then never doing this cause as we already start loosing our collagen in 20 so physical exfoliating becomes harmful to our skin.

▶ Chemical exfoliating helps us to remove dead skin cells but it takes three or four days normally and sometimes it takes a weak to work out.

▶ If you follow peeling way than it'll be more easier to you. As it doesn’t take so many times and also remove your dead skin cells without any harm so it’s safe.

How to peeling

First you need to have a peeling gel by which you can exfoliate your skin. So today I use most hyped peeling gel now a days " Freyia's weekly peeling gel". You can use it twice or thrice a week and it is more than enough. You need not to use it daily. But remember one thing you must clean your face before applying it. You can apply it on your totally bare face.



You need to take a pea size amount of gel and it's enough. Then apply it on your face /hand /elbow / neck, means specially on your problematic area. Then leave it for 20 to 30 seconds. After that gently rubbed it.


No need to rub too harshly. You can see that your dead skin cells are already started to peel off. After a minute, you can rinse it with normal water.


  • Helps to remove dead skin cells.
  • Helps to remove sun tan.
  • Increase glowing vibe on your skin.
  • Helps to get a brighten skin.
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