Pencil Sketch - first time ever !!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are doing great !
Today is a very challenging day for me. You may think why I'm saying this ?.....


Look at the picture above, guess what darling... Yeah, you're right. I draw this picture. Even I drew the first picture of my life today. Since I'm from science background, we had to draw a lot of pictures for practical exams. I used to do everything by myself. But this kind of experience is absolutely new to me.

It's a pencil sketch. Here two love bird's are swing in the cradle.
I'll show you guys how I make this sketch...

Drawing Materials

Pencil (4B)
Pencil (10B)
Black sign pen
A compass
Art Paper


Way I'm following

At first, I made a circle with a black sign pen by the help of a compass on paper. Make sure that, whether the sides of the circle is equal or not. The sides of the circle should be equal.


After that, I used 4B pencil to highlight outer corner of the circle. Remember that, you have to move slowly.


Once you done with it, you have to take a tissue and rubbed it on your paint. It makes your highlighting area smooth. After doing that, you will see that there is no harsh line on your paintings.


Then, I drew a straight line at the bottom of the circle. Make sure that, line is along the middle of the circle.


After that, I drew the shape of two birds, those who are sitting face to face. I filled their body by the help of a 4B pencil.


I made some branches of a tree just above the birds. I made it with 10B pencils.


The leaves of the tree can be seen here. It looks very realistic. Isn't it?


Then I drew a cradle which is Hanging on the branches of a tree.


So wanna look my final results of drawing? Here it is...........


How was it ? Since I did it for the very first time of my life so I'm fully satisfied with what I did. Don't forget to let me know your feedback about this drawing. Your keenness helps me to do something better.

That's all for today. See you on my next blog. Till then stay home and stay safe.

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