Outing after a decade ...!!

Today has been a very spanking day for me. It was sooo refreshing, actually sometimes it becomes inevitable that we must go out to feel some fresh air. For this pandemic situation, we always remain in our room or houses so sometimes we have got repellented. In this situation, it feels good to go out a little and of course with full precaution.

I went out a little today and it feels like many years later I can breath breaking all hesitation. I was so gleefull that can't express in words.


After waking up in morning I realise that my online class had already started. Then I joint there in bustle. In the mid time of my class, I got a call from him, he said, I'm on the way so get ready and we'll get out.
Then I had finished my classes and getting ready, untill then he already waiting in downstairs at my home. So I hurried out.
At first, we go for shopping as I can't live a week without buying anything. So it is must. It was noon then so we had to take our lunch.

So we went out for this purpose and finally got the food corner. We got to a restaurant which was well furnished and importantly it was not so crowded there. We ordered our food and waiting when they will serve the food. I was very hungry but still didn’t forget to take selfies.


To be honest, it was too late to serve the food. Finally they served their food after 20 minutes. It seemed that anyway I got the food. Here is our food...


It was " Dum Biriyani ". He always prefer this type of food very much though I'm pizza, burger, and nachos freak. Actually, food was good in taste. Rice was cooked well and the juicy ness of meat, oh my god it was so good in texture.

After taking lunch, we go for our campus. This place is like heaven. We sat for a long time in Central Field and feel the weather. Weather was so friendly. It wasn’t too hot today for this we had more fun.


Then we walked along the road for a while. Although there were a lot of people today in campus cause Sunday and Wednesday are thd working day for campus stuffs.
Anyway, the day was so much enjoyable. Boring or routined life I think not desirable for anyone and I'm one of them so I think it's auspicious to lose oneself sometimes.

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