|| My Eid Day || Eid - ul - Fitr 2021 ||

Eid Mubarak peers ❤️


How was your day? Mine wasn’t good enough. Between the Eid – ul – Fitr and the Eid – ul – Adha I like most the Eid – ul – Fitr. Maybe the reason behind this Eid – ul – Fitr have to commemorate after thirty days of fasting. I woke up early in morning today. Though I was a latecomer my mom woke me up. Getting prepared I saw mom had made various kind of desserts. I received Eid salami (eidee) from dad and mom singly. Maybe it also a reason to like the Eid – ul – fitr most.

Earlier that day was celebrated in different way like met up with my friends and cousins them went out for hangout. Now everything is not like ago. All of us grown-up. Everyone get stuck on their different task. As like, till I met him my plan coalesced around him. But I always make some times to hook up with my old friends.

For last two year everything has changed. We are passing through a great crisis. Last year we had to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr through the lockdown because of the pandemic. We hoped this year would be favourable. But nothing has changed. Moreover, the situation is going out of control. Still, we going through the lockdown.


But Eid day become incomplete without various yummies like polao,firni, shemai, roast, chicken, beef, rezala and many more. My mommy used to prepare all these stuff but now I also try to make something different and unique with the help of youtube.

I made my mind not to go out. All of my cousins offered me to go out but didn’t heed them. Unlike it, they came to my home in the evening. It made me busy. After their leaving, I was taking a rest. Just right then my cellphone get ringing. It was @ishtiakahamed. I talked with him over the phone just one hour ago so I felt curious about what happened. I couldn’t premise of his coming here. I came to know he was standing just infront of my house.

I got angry but couldn’t make him disappoint. So I got ready shortly. But already then, the sun was gone. He was waiting for me by sitting on a rickshaw. Whenever I got on he asked me for a rickshaw trip. We have no other choice also as all restaurant was closed due to lockdown in my area. We got on it more than half an hour. Then he dropped me out. It was a great day indeed.

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