Food fight.....!!

Don’t put too many expectations and you will surely be disappointed. That is what happened to me today. I went out in the morning for a confidential issue. It was almost noon when I was able to complete my task. Sun is shining brightly on top of the head and getting bored sitting in the traffic. In the meantime feeling low and extremely hungry. Looking for a suitable rest place for having lunch. It was a newly opened restaurant in front of me and without further due decided to take lunch there.


It was on the first floor. The interior design was not a good one. It’s more like a café. There was not too much crowd inside. That’s why I got a little relief. Got seated and ordered our desire food without much delay. For ordering food we had to pay first.

And then waiting when will we get our order. Since a few days ago they have started their journey so every single piece of furniture was on point and nicely decorated. They took almost 30 minutes to serve.


Here is our food. We ordered a “ four-season pizza”. Like you get four flavours in one. This one was including chicken flavour, mushroom flavour, seafood flavour and sorted veggie one. But surprisingly they didn’t provide extra red sauce or mayonnaise. Usually, these things don’t have to be said separately. I asked for sauce and mayonnaise and then they passed. That was a bit weird.


The taste of the food was so bad that it’s hard to explain. Most importantly they don’t use any sort of cheese on any part. It was just a waste of money. I was just looking at the pieces and thought is that what I ordered.

Mushrooms were not perfectly grilled and bitterly tasted. This was so bad. Chicken pieces were extremely spicy and we got the raw smells of spices. It was not edible and could take a bite from this slice. Never before had such a bad experience. It was actually a terrible day indeed.

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